5 Top Aloe Vera Skin Benefits

Are you struggling to get rid of distressing acne, dry skin or even those nagging skin blemishes? Or are you just missing the mark of feeling good on the inside? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Aloe vera has EVERYBODY talking. Studies have uncovered five amazing benefits that aloe vera hold, and it will have you wondering why you didn’t add it to your skincare or health regime sooner. 

  1. Antioxidant and antibacterial properties - It is universal knowledge that antioxidants are crucial for our health. To our benefit, aloe vera contains vitamin rich antioxidants and enzymes to assist with burns, acne and dry skin. Clinical research suggests that the vitamin rich properties aloe vera possess work best on superficial surface acne as they have fewer irritating properties than conventional acne treatment.
  2. Skin restoration - Researchers have uncovered that aloe vera contains molecules known as ‘sterols’. Sterols are said to foster the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen - which assists the skin to preserve moisture. This therefore suggests that wrinkles will look less noticeable as well as improve the skin’s texture. Regular use of this succulent also promotes new skin-cell growth, and has the ability to remove dead skin and eliminate redness.
  3. Dental health - Believe it or not, but aloe vera contains antibacterial properties in which it treats and relieves inflammation surrounding gum disease and other oral health matters. Aloe possesses antiseptic agents that help inhibit the growth of free radicals which cause cell damage or infections. Your dentist will also be smiling!
  4. Hair growth - Aloe vera also promotes a healthy head! Its active ingredients and minerals can help strengthen your hair, control grease, assist with an itchy scalp, and overall hair growth!
  5. Digestive benefits - Consuming aloe vera juice may just keep your digestive system operating to its full potential! Aloe is said to contain several enzymes known to assist with the breakdown of sugars and fats to keep your internal tracks running smoothly. By incorporating aloe into your internal engine, you’ll reap the rewards from maintaining a balanced, healthy diet. Keep it organic and pure!

We at Ritology love using aloe vera for our internal and external health! Feeling and looking good from the inside out. This magnificent agent can be supplemented into everyday products such as face and body lotions, shower gels, toothpaste, hair products and even juice! What more could you really want? Stay up to date with our social @RitologyDaily to ingest more amazing products, ingredients and tools to improve your lifestyle.

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