We all like to know the best way take care of our bodies and ourselves. The question is: are you taking care of the environment while doing so?

You might not know it, but the majority of bathroom products that people use have a significant impact on the environment. With the increasing worldwide temperature levels, melting of glaciers, increased pollution, and a growing number of endangered species, it’s our responsibility to take positive steps to save our planet. Even the smallest of actions towards more sustainable living can have a big impact. One of my favorite quotes “’It’s just one plastic straw, said 8 Billion people”. This speaks volumes. So what can you do? You can easily swap out a few of your everyday bathroom products to more sustainable and environmentally friendly items!

Below are five of our favorite bathroom products that every person should invest in. We hope that you like them as much as we do. Let’s cut to the chase and see what they are.

  • Plastic free/zero waste razor

One of the products that is indispensable in every women’s bathroom is a razor. Unless you have undergone 100% successful laser hair removal on your whole body, you’ll likely be using a razor. A single plastic razor is usually used 1-10 times before being trashed. This means, that every 2-3 weeks, razor, which is not compostable, recyclable or reusable, is thrown in the landfill. Times that by 1 billion plus, that’s an exceptionally large amount of rubbish harming our environment.

What’s the switch? A sustainable razor is both environmentally friendly and cost efficient in the long run. Basically, you only have to change the blade after a few uses (every week or two depending on how often you shave) and the blades are easily replaceable, therefore the handle can be used for a lifetime! Better yet the blades, being metal are 100% recyclable. The result; little to no waste and perfectly smooth legs! Did we mention a safety razor can also save you money? At first glance a sustainable razor might seem like an investment, it clearly ends up saving you money in the long run. The blades themselves are very inexpensive compared to the plastic ones at the shops or disposable razors. Did we mention the fact that safety razors cause less irritation to your skin; say goodbye to red bumps and shaving rash, your hair stays shorter for longer and they are beautifully designed for peak performance? What’s not to love!

Our favorite is the Ritology Razor: www.ritology.co

  • Bamboo toothbrush

Most of the world’s population uses plastic toothbrushes. This is mainly because we have not been exposed to sustainable alternatives. In the supermarkets, at the dentist’s cabinet, and even in toothpaste commercials, all we see are plastic. The mere thought of using anything else is out of our minds. The main problem with the plastic version is again, the fact that it takes a very long time to decompose (It can be up to 450 YEARS!) which leads to more harm towards the environment.

So why isn’t everyone using Bamboo toothbrushes? We aren’t sure but this alternative is both chemical and pesticide free, unlike the toothbrush you used this morning. The bamboo handles are fully biodegradable and are coated with natural wax preventing unwanted splinters. It is not just about the environment, but these kinds of brushes come with natural anti-microbial features, which means that they are safer to use than the plastic alternatives. An easy swap.

Can be found on: www.thecharcoaltoothbrush.com

  • Eco-friendly make-up brushes

Make-up plays a big role in our lives. For many of us, it’s part of our daily routine. The tools that you use play a key role in the final result of your look. There are a variety of makeup tools out there, from plastic, synthetic to real animal hair. By making a conscious effort to purchase eco-friendly makeup tools, you may not just save our planet but also the animals on it!

The alternative to natural hair brushes has synthetic bristles, and usually bamboo handles. In addition, they are cheaper than natural ones. They can be used with both liquid and powder products as opposed to their natural counterparts, which can be damaged by using liquid products. In addition, synthetic bristles are odour-less and can be washed with almost any kind of soap. The only disadvantage is that they do not pick up powder products as well as natural ones do. However, with the right amount of primer, you can achieve similar results.

Find here: https://ecotools.com/


  • Natural soaps

The fourth bathroom product that we have decided to include in our list is natural soaps. Most soaps contain a number of chemicals which can actually be extremely irritating on the skin and also harmful to our environment. By switching to all natural soaps made of natural ingredients, your skin will be able to absorb the nutrients and benefits from those ingredients. There are a number of incredible scents as well with natural soaps, so you don’t miss out. When making the trade, look for brands that opt for eco-friendly packaging, or even no packaging at all, which means that even if you throw away the packaging, the damage to the environment is minimal.

Find here: https://www.drbronner.com/


  • Eco friendly bath sponge

Many people, including myself, love a good bath sponge. Gentle exfoliation for glowing skin, yes please! We are happy to announce that there is also a natural alternative to the usual sponge that you know. These sponges grow in nature and offer the same cleaning properties as the $1 sponges found in your local grocery shop or chemist. If and when you decide to throw the natural sponge away, there’s absolutely no guilt as it is fully biodegradable.

Find here: https://www.bathandunwind.com/brands/natural-sea-sponge/


By making 5 changes to your everyday bathroom routine, you are making a HUGE impact on not only your own personal care routine, but also that of the environment. Whether it is a simple razor, or a new toothbrush, every action counts. So go ahead, test them out. You won’t look back.



I’ve honestly felt such a change in my skin after switching to more natural products.


I didn’t even realize some of these products even existed. Thank you!!


You should consider a look into all the up and coming sustainable beauty products most women and men would want in their bathroom too!


Amazing! Always looking for more ways to be sustainable and help save the planet.


I liked the article on soaps. I’ve been lax about choosing natural soaps, although insist on natural ingredients when choosing detergent or dishwashiing liquid. Since I lprefer a long tub soak to a shower, a bar of soap is part of the routine. In future I’ll choose soap sans packaging, which a lot of supermarkets (thinking Whole Foods) now offer.

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