2 BILLION razors go to landfill every year and that's only one of many disposable plastics used daily. 

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people to be part of the solution to lower plastic consumption and its pollution. Providing for cleaner air, streets and oceans and a healthy community.

Will you be part of the solution this July? Here's an action guide to get you started.

Why make the pledge?

Plastic is designed to be durable and accordingly it does not biodegrade. Single use plastic is the items and packaging we use once and 'throw away' without a second thought. Every single day this indestructible material is going to landfills and our waterways. Wildlife are mistaking plastic for food, it's accumulating at a rapid rate in our environment and landfills, and now discovering it is finding its way into the human body. With plastic being relatively new, there's no doubt we can upgrade (or backtrack) our ways to ensure a kinder environment for not only our own selves, but our planet.

A healthier world for us all begins with eating whole foods from our own gardens or fresh local markets, with beautiful baskets and zero plastic or toxins. Although it's not just a challenge but a lifestyle, this is a great place to start.


Firstly each person needs to become aware of the plastics used and discarded in their own lives. Then create a plan of action and make a conscious effort to change your routine into a new habit.

If you need some extra motivation, grab a friend and take the challenge here.